discover the hidden invention.

Saving energy with insulating foam solutions

Oszczędność energii dzięki izolacyjnemu zastosowaniu pianek. HSV the particle foam engineers

discover the hidden invention.

Ingenious structures thanks to large design freedom.

HSV the particle foam engineers, Pomysłowe projekty dzięki dużej swobodzie projektowania

discover the hidden invention.

Efficient logistics provided by particle foam protection

HSV the particle foam engineers. Wydajna logistyka dzięki ochronie zapewnianej przez spienione tworzywa sztuczne.

discover the hidden invention.

Rapid assembly with rigid yet lightweight foam components

Szybki montaż dzięki solidnym i lekkim konstrukcjom z pianek. HSV the particle foam engineers

discover the hidden invention.

Your project really takes off with our featherlight foams

HSV the particle foam engineers -Ihr Projekt bekommt Flügel mit unseren leichten Schaumkonstruktionen.

the hidden invention discovered

For a large German manufacturer of built-in air conditioning systems, HSV developed the entire assembly, consisting of airpop® (EPS), EPP and injection moulded elements, all under one roof. We are your co-creators.

HSV Moulded Foams Group has subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Poland and the Czech Republic. We manufacture moulded products from airpop® engineered air (EPS), EPP and EPE, for example, and many technical varieties. Our customers include well-known multinationals in the home appliances, electronics, automotive and equipment industries, as well as numerous medium-sized companies who rely on us for a custom-made product. Our clients tell us that we are flexible and that we know our business – our world revolves around you!

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Discover what particle foams can do for you

Are you looking for energy, time and money savings in your designs? Are you looking for a sustainable innovation for your product? Our expandable particle foams such as EPP, airpop® engineered air (EPS), EPE, ETPU are extremely lightweight, are excellent energy absorbers, have perfect insulating properties and offer you complete freedom of design.

Optimal conditions at relatively low start-up costs. Payback of your investment is achieved over a short period of time. Besides these benefits, particle foams are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.

Discover the possibilities of particle foams

Discover the added value of particle foams in assembly, technical engineering, logistics solutions, life-saving equipment and safety products.

Our materials and material combinations allow the use of reinforced parts and inserts, resulting in extremely light structural parts. For example in aviation and the automotive industry, where weight is critical.

HSV Moulded Foams Group in numbers

  • Medewerkers.png 285 Employees
  • euro.png 50 Million turnover in 2015
  • productielocaties.png 6 Manufacturing sites
  • werkmaatschappijen.png 4 Operation companies
  • cad-naar-cnc.png 4 CAD-to-CNC milling machines
  • rapid-proto-station.png 1 Rapid proto station
  • saleskantoren.png 2 Sales offices
  • engineers.png 11 Engineers

Manufacturing and service throughout Europe


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